Magnet: Safegard Shipbuilding Industry Profitability

Magnet: Safegard Shipbuilding Industry Profitability

China’s shipbuilding industry has met some problems these years. Let’s see how electro permanent magnet for the shipbuilding industry will help.

Challenges that the shipbuilding industry face

A general problem in the ship manufacturing industry is more orders but very low profits per order. According to statistics, last year, China took new orders for ships with 54,156,000 tons of deadweight, an increase of 223.3%. As of the end of September, orders in hand were 92.449 million tons deadweight, an increase of 32.3%. The main orders were for containers and bulk carriers.
Why China’s shipbuilding slump?
Ten years ago, to get orders to open the foreign market, our country took orders at very low prices. But the shipbuilding industry contracts are closed contracts. That is, sign a contract at a set price. But shipbuilding is a long-cycle industry: the price of raw materials follows the market. The cost of steel accounted for 25% of the overall, profit and loss of shipbuilding depending on the price of steel and manpower. With statistics, for China’s 470 shipbuilding manufacturing industry, the revenue is 182.16 billion. But profit is only 1.94 billion. The whole shipbuilding industry can be said to be incremental not increase profits.

Demand for higher productivity and equipment upgrade in shipyard

China Airlines has sold its shipyards to China Merchants. Adding other acquisitions by China Merchants, future shipbuilding may be monopolized by them. So in this situation, it may also be an opportunity to reduce the cost expenditure through technical transformation, equipment upgrades, and other factors.
For the time being, the ship manufacturing cost is mainly reflected in steel, labor, equipment, electrical energy, etc. The steel price can only follow the market. What we should work on are labor, equipment, and electrical energy. For sheet metal handling equipment, we can find lifting equipment that can improve efficiency, and quality and save more costs.

Higher steel plate handling efficiency and lower cost in the long run

lifting magnet for machinery
Magnet for shipbuilding

Lifting magnets or magnetic grippers on industrial robots replacing traditional lifting devices will bring more and more benefits as time goes by. It has the following advantages: easy to operate: and one person can operate. Safety is guaranteed: no magnetism loss when the power is cut off. Fast response: magnetization or demagnetization can be achieved within 3 seconds. Energy-saving: no electrical energy is consumed during work. These unique properties of electro permanent magnet can optimize the cost very well, and increase the profit by 5%-10%.

HVR MAG is happy to provide specialist skills

Having been focusing on electro permanent magnet technology since the beginning of the company in 2010, HVR MAG is a team working on the further development of our magnetic products. For shipbuilding, and other engineering machinery or structural fabrication, our lifting magnet and magnetic grippers for automation can help safeguard profitability by the strengths listed above. Not only for China shipbuilding but also for shipbuilding worldwide, the magnet for the shipbuilding industry will grow.

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