Precautions When Using Magnetic Grippers

Precautions When Using Magnetic Grippers

With the development of intelligent manufacturing, the application of automation and robotic welding is on the rise. Consequently, the widespread use of automatic welding fixtures that possess higher precision requirements and intelligent control functions has become prevalent. At this juncture, electro permanent magnetic grippers have rapidly gained recognition among customers due to their powerful performance advantages, becoming the preferred fixture for carbon steel workpieces.

Understanding the Advantage of Magnetic Grippers

Magnetic grippers, especially electro permanent magnetic grippers, have become the preferred choice for carbon steel workpieces due to their rapid magnetization and demagnetization capabilities. Here are some key advantages:

Responsiveness and Flexibility: These grippers can quickly magnetize and dema
gnetize, significantly reducing workpiece handling time and enhancing productivity. Moreover, they allow for flexible adjustment and quick interchangeability of different shapes and sizes of workpieces, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Precise Control: With electronic control systems, the magnetic force can be adjusted precisely, ensuring accuracy and stability during welding operations. This minimizes welding deformations and offers superior precision compared to manual adjustments.

Energy Efficiency: Magnetic grippers consume electricity only during the magnetization and demagnetization phases, eliminating the need for additional energy sources during operation. This not only saves on energy costs but also avoids the heat-related issues often associated with traditional fixtures.

Safety: Due to their non-contact fixing method, magnetic grippers reduce the risk of mechanical wear and accidental releases, enhancing operational safety. Additionally, they eliminate concerns such as air leaks or oil spills, further enhancing safety during operation.

Durability: With no moving parts and a robust structure, magnetic grippers require minimal maintenance and boast a long service life, ensuring reliable performance over time.

Wide Application Range: Magnetic grippers are suitable for various ferromagnetic materials and exhibit excellent adaptability to thin-walled and complex structures, particularly in automated production lines and robotic welding applications.magnetic grippers

Precautions to Ensure Safe Usage

While magnetic grippers offer numerous benefits, certain precautions must be observed to ensure optimal performance and safety:

Material Compatibility: Ensure that the workpiece is made of ferromagnetic material to enable effective adhesion. Non-magnetic materials will not be securely held by the gripper.

Electrical Inspection: Before use, thoroughly inspect the electrical cables and connections to prevent electrical leakage, which could pose safety hazards.

Minimum Distance from Weld Seam: Maintain a minimum distance of more than 30mm between the fixed position of the magnetic gripper and the weld seam to prevent exposure to high temperatures and arc strikes during welding.


Electro permanent magnetic grippers offer numerous advantages in terms of responsiveness, precision, energy efficiency, safety, durability, and application versatility. By adhering to the specified precautions, users can maximize the benefits of these innovative grippers while ensuring safe and efficient operations in various welding applications. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at

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