How Special Vehicle Manufacture Benefits from Electro Permanent Magnetic Gripper?

How Special Vehicle Manufacture Benefits from Electro Permanent Magnetic Gripper?

In the special vehicle manufacturing industry, efficient material handling is crucial for ensuring productivity, safety, and cost savings. This blog will delve into the benefits of using electro permanent magnetic gripper in special vehicle manufacture, using a case study to highlight their effectiveness.

Case Study of Magnetic Gripper

This set of magnetic grippers are used to handle arm stand in ladder truck manufacture. Two HEPMP-200H electro permanent magnetic grippers and one HEPMP-2006H electro permanent magnetic gripper are integrated into a robotic system as gripping tools. The system employs three separate output signals to individually control the electro permanent magnetic grippers. The task is to handle arm stands, ranging in size but not exceeding 40 kilograms, and assemble wheels onto the fixtures. The grippers enable automated handling, including lifting, positioning, and releasing the arm stands.

Comparative Advantages of Magnetic Gripper

Increased Efficiency: Traditional material handling methods often require manual labor and multiple workers, leading to increased time and effort. The integration of electro permanent magnetic grippers facilitates automated handling, streamlining the manufacturing process. By reducing the dependence on manual intervention, manufacturers can experience significantly improved efficiency, resulting in faster production cycles.

Enhanced Safety: Handling ferrous materials in special vehicle manufacture can pose risks if not properly managed. Electro permanent magnetic grippers provide a secure and stable grip on the materials, minimizing the chances of accidents or material damage. The automated handling system ensures consistent and precise gripping, reducing the potential for injuries and ensuring a safer working environment.Robot arm with magnetic gripper

Usage Feedback of Magnetic Gripper

Switching from manual handling to magnetic grippers effectively overcomes the deformation and surface damage issues caused by the original process, making the production process more stable and reducing the defect rate of products. It significantly improves production efficiency, increasing production capacity by more than three times compared to the original method. There are no incidents of work-related injuries. Labor costs are reduced by changing from a manual operation requiring two people to operate a set of fixtures to a fully automated operation with no personnel involved.


The integration of electro permanent magnetic grippers in special vehicle manufacture holds immense potential for increasing efficiency and safety while reducing costs. The case study presented demonstrates the successful implementation of these grippers in automated material handling tasks. Manufacturers should consider adopting this technology to optimize their material handling processes, leading to improved productivity and competitiveness in the special vehicle manufacturing industry. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at

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