Crane Magnets at Shipping Port: A Case Study on Handling Steel Coils

Crane Magnets at Shipping Port: A Case Study on Handling Steel Coils

In the bustling world of shipping ports, efficiency and safety are paramount when it comes to handling heavy cargo such as steel coils. Traditional methods of lifting and moving these coils often involve cumbersome processes that are time-consuming and labor-intensive. In this blog, we will delve into a case study on the benefits and impact of electro permanent lifting magnet as crane magnets in a shipping port environment.

Material Handling Challenge at Port

Steel coils are an essential commodity in the manufacturing industry, but they present a unique challenge when it comes to handling and transportation. These coils are typically heavy, unwieldy, and can be difficult to move safely and efficiently. In a busy shipping port where time is of the essence, any delays or mishaps in handling these coils can have a significant impact on operations.

Crane Magnets Solution

Let’s take a closer look at a shipping port that implemented electro permanent lifting magnets in their operations. Prior to the adoption of this technology, the port faced challenges such as slow handling times, safety risks, and increased labor costs. However, after integrating crane magnets into their lifting equipment, the port experienced a remarkable transformation. The handling process became faster, more efficient, and safer for workers. The magnets could securely grip steel coils of varying sizes and weights, allowing for smoother transitions between loading and unloading processes. This resulted in significant cost savings for the port and improved overall productivity.electro permanent lifting magnets as crane magnets

Case Study of Crane Magnets

For example, consider an electro permanent lifting magnet designed for horizontally lifting steel coils. This magnet is utilized for managing steel coils ranging in weight from 15 to 35 tons. These coils have a maximum outer diameter of 15 to 18 meters, with the longest coil measuring 20 meters.

Previously, homemade lifting hooks were employed for handling these coils. Unlike hooks, the magnet avoids causing any scratches or dents as it securely holds the load using a magnetic field.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require extra attachment. This eliminates the need for workers to attach hooks to the coils, saving on labor and enhancing safety.


In conclusion, electro permanent lifting magnets have proven qualified to be the crane magnets in the shipping port industry, even when it comes to handling steel coils. As technology continues to advance, it is clear that electro permanent lifting magnets will play a more crucial role in transforming the way heavy cargo is handled in shipping ports around the world. For more information, please contact HVR MAG at

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