4 Misunderstandings About Electro Permanent Magnet

4 Misunderstandings About Electro Permanent Magnet

Electro permanent magnets offer the advantages of both permanent magnets and electromagnets, providing reliable and flexible magnetic solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. However, there are still misconceptions or misunderstandings about them.

Are Electro Permanent Magnet Devices Expensive?

The cost of electro permanent magnets can vary depending on the size, specifications, and the specific application requirements. The exact cost would dep end on the manufacturer and the specific needs of the project.

Is Electro Permanent Magnet Only Used to Handle Heavy Objects?

In fact, the adjustable magnetic strength of electro permanent magnets makes them suitable for various finishing applications.

In metalworking industries, electro permanent magnets can be used for precision grinding, polishing, and finishing processes. The magnet can be securely attached to a grinding machine or a robotic arm, allowing for precise positioning and control.

The adjustable magnetic strength allows operators to fine-tune the holding force according to the specific needs of the task. This ensures that the workpiece remains firmly in place during the finishing process, preventing any vibrations or movement that could affect the outcome.

The ability to control the magnetic field also enables easy release of the workpiece once the finishing process is complete. This eliminates the need for complicated clamping mechanisms and allows for quick and efficient workpiece changes.Electro permanent magnetic as lathe chuck

Is Magnetic Radiation Harmful?

No. The effective range is 20mm from the electro magnet, and the magnetic filed becomes weak out of the range, similar to the magnetic filed in the air. So generally it’s not harmful to human body.

Also, it takes very short time to magnetize or demagnetize, so it won’t interfere mechanical robot or injection mold machine.

However, bank cards, watches, mobile phones and people with cardiac pacemakers should keep distance with electro permanent magnetic.

Will Electro Permanent Magnet Demagnetize Without Electricity?

No, an electro permanent magnet will not demagnetize without electricity. The key characteristic of it is that it can maintain its magnetization even when the power is turned off. This is achieved through a combination of permanent magnet materials and a magnetizing coil.

The magnetization of an electro permanent magnet is stable and does not require a continuous supply of electricity to maintain it. This makes electro permanent magnets advantageous in applications where power may be interrupted or when a specific magnetization state needs to be maintained over an extended period.

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