Why are Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets Better than Clamps for Handling Steel Coils?

Why are Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets Better than Clamps for Handling Steel Coils?

For construction steel industry, it’s common to lift and transport steel materials such as steel coils. Clamps are usually considered as a lifting device for steel coils. However, there is another lifting device that can handle coils efficiently: electro permanent lifting magnets. They allow for quick and reliable lifting of those ferromagnetic materials, thereby improving overall productivity.

Cost Saving of Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

Steel coils are typically heavy and require a secure lifting method to ensure their safety. Clamps may apply excessive pressure or force on the coils, leading to scratches, wear and tear of the coils.

Electro permanent lifting magnets create a strong magnetic field that securely holds on to the steel coils, allowing them to be lifted and transported. The magnets are usually designed with a flat, smooth surface to provide even contact with the coil and reduce the risk of damage.

Space Savingsteel coils

Clamps typically require some space to grip and suspend steel coils, in need of a certain distance between the coils. This is done to ensure safety and prevent friction, collision, and damage between the coils. Therefore, sufficient space needs to be reserved in the warehouse to ensure that each coil has an appropriate spacing, so that there is enough space for the coils to move and operate. This may result in a relatively low utilization rate of the warehouse area.

Compared to clamps, electro permanent lifting magnets allow for a more efficient use of warehouse space. The compact nature of the coils allows for higher coil stacking density, which means that a greater number of coils can be stored within the same warehouse area. This significantly increases the storage capacity and allows for more efficient utilization of the available space.

Time Saving

Attaching clamps to steel coils can need time and manual work. It also poses safety risks, such as the potential for injuries from lifting or securing the coils.

In contrast, using an electro permanent lifting magnet eliminates the need for manual attachment or detachment of clamps and significantly reduces the time and effort required.

Advice from Lifting Magnets Supplierelectro permanent lifting magnet

When purchasing a lifting magnet, consider capacity and size, operating environment, magnet type, and safety features. With careful consideration of these factors, you can choose a lifting magnet that will meet your needs and provide reliable service for many years to come.

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