What’s the Best Lifting Magnet for Sheet Metal?

What’s the Best Lifting Magnet for Sheet Metal?

Sheet metal is a type of metal that is formed into flat and thin pieces. It is often used in construction, manufacturing, and industrial applications for its strength and durability. They can be found in a wide range of products and structures, from roofing materials and ductwork to automobile bodies and aircraft components. Here comes the question: how can we handle sheet metal efficiently and safely? Try electro permanent lifting magnet!

What is electro permanent lifting magnet?

An electro permanent lifting magnet utilizes features of both permanent magnets and electromagnets to handle ferromagnetic objects. It requires electric current only during activation and deactivation.

Advantages of electro permanent lifting magnet

Energy efficiency: Electro permanent lifting magnets do not require a constant power supply, which makes them more energy efficient than traditional electromagnets.

Safety: This magnet can keep magnetic even while power failure, preventing accidental drops and improve operator safety. They are also less prone to magnetic field instability and overheating compared to traditional electromagnets.

Precision: It offers precise control over the magnetic strength, allowing for accurate lifting and positioning of heavy loads.electro permanent lifting magnet for sheet metal

Why electro permanent lifting magnet is the most suitable for sheet metal?

Precise magnetic force: Electro permanent magnet can lift single sheet metal of 0.5 mm in length without adhering another sheet. Besides, the electric permanent magnet has uniform suction force, preventing the sheet metal from deforming.

Maintenance: Compared to other lifting magnets, it requires less time to maintenance and no spare parts, lowering time and consumable costs.

Automation: In automated applications, they can achieve automatic and intelligent control of the sheet metal lifting device without manual adjustment.

Battery powered: Due to the low requirement to continues power supply, this magnet can also be transformed into battery operated type, making them compatible with various equipment and working conditions.

Lifting expert suggest

It is advisable to custom your own electro permanent lifting magnet based on specific lifting needs. To design an electro permanent lifting magnet, the size of sheet metal and the working condition must be considered. Consult HVR MAG at export@hvrmagnet.com for more details.

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