What is container corner castings handling?

What is container corner castings handling?

Handling corner castings is a highly delicate task and requires many skills. Accidents occurring during the loading process can result in severe injuries or even death of the skilled workers. Therefore, many methods have been used in handling corner castings to improve the safety of the working environment and ergonomics. Which one is the best way to load/unload corner castings?

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What are corner castings?

As the name suggested, Corner castings are the corner of a container. Every shipping container has corner castings at each of its eight corners. They are the structural element allowing the container to be connected to a chassis for transportation. Also, they enable shipping containers to be picked up and moved around as required.

In the last decade there has seen a remarkable rise in import-export in the shipping market. Large ports throughout the world are facing the container throughput capacity problem. To handle the uprising demand in containers, People are no longer satisfied with traditional tools but have higher needs for the handling of corner posts. Which one is the best way to load/unload them?

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What are the demands of container handling?

First, the system must be effective and reliable for intense operations. the handling device is vital for uninterrupted applications.

Next, the corner posts handling device operates without fail in high-temperature environments. This is an essential part of the machinery. Because it allows corner posts not to be affected by radiant heat from the product.

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