The Steel Pipe Handling Methods Adopted by Fortune 500 companies

The Steel Pipe Handling Methods Adopted by Fortune 500 companies

In industrial production, steel pipe is pretty common. It is used for transferring fluids and powdery solids, manufacturing machinery parts, and containers, etc. But there are problems with lifting and handling steel tubes. The use of ordinary hooks or clamps to lift steel pipes is easy to cause safety accidents and surface scratches. Let alone the lifting efficiency is low. HVR is giving steel pipe handling method adopted by large companies here.

So, what kind of steel pipe handling method can eliminate the above problems?

There are many kinds of steel pipe handling methods, the following 2 aspects are mainly shared from the ordinary production line as well as the automated production line. The ordinary production line can use the new intelligent magnetic lifter, that is the electro-permanent magnetic lifter, widely respected by the world’s top 500 enterprises. It is composed of two kinds of magnetic materials. Compared with electromagnetic lifter and permanent magnetic lifter, the magnetic force of electro-permanent magnetic lifter can be adjusted and controlled in groups according to the actual needs. In addition, the electro-permanent magnet lifter can lift one steel pipe at a time without sticking to other steel pipes, and can lift multiple steel pipes at one time as well. The lifting efficiency is greatly improved, maximizing productivity.
In addition to ordinary production lines, robotic magnetic grippers are also recommended as an end effector in automated production lines. Compared with other robot grippers, the biggest feature of magnetic grippers is that it is not only powerful in adsorption force but also small in size and simple in structure, which is very conducive to the layout of intelligent production workshops and can also reduce the load of industrial robots. Since our magnetic grippers only need electricity at the moment of magnetization and demagnetization, saving more than 95% of electricity, they’re energy-saving. In today’s carbon-neutral background, these performance characteristics of robotic magnetic grippers are valued by the majority of machinery manufacturers and become a unique competitive edge.

automated production line
Steel tubes automated lifting magnet

At present, both intelligent magnetic lifters and automated robotic magnetic grippers are widely used in the workshops of Fortune 500 companies such as Zoomlion and Sany to safely and efficiently lift and transport steel plates, pipes, and other magnetically conductive workpieces. If you are interested in electro-permanent magnetic lifters and robotic magnetic grippers, welcome to contact us at [email protected]

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