Steel H-Beam Bundle Lifter – Lifting Electromagnet 20 Ton

Steel H-Beam Bundle Lifter – Lifting Electromagnet 20 Ton

H-beam steel is an economic type of structural steel that has been widely used in many fields of construction. It’s length, size, and weight could vary. Therefore, the transport of steel h-beam bundle requires the lifting electromagnet system used must be able to carry heavy loads safely and guarantee that the h-beam’s quality is preserved.

Traditionally, when steel beams were smaller, they were moved into place manually. Now, with today’s projects requiring steel h-beams weighing more than one tonne and being many meters in length, manual handling simply isn’t an option. They’re becoming even more difficult to lift and move. One alternative to using pure mechanical lifting methods, such as chains and hooks, is to employ lifting electromagnet.

H-beam steel bundle lifter - 20 ton lifting electromagnet | HVR MAG

Shown in the picture is the outdoor transport of steel h-beam bundle of a steel mill. They’re using lifting electromagnet system designed and manufactured by HVR MAG, with a maximum lifting capacity of 20 tons, to lift, hold, transfer and unload the beam bundles to a designated position.

h-beam bundle lifting device - magnetic lifting system 20 ton | HVR MAG

As we can tell, the lifting electromagnet system is like a magnetic traverse that can move with the crane. This magnetic traverse is composed of 4 magnet modules and a spreader bar.

Using a magnetic lifting system for handling h-beam steel bundles offers the following advantages:

  • No worker requiredin the material handling area (with remote control)
  • No dropping of suspended load in a sudden power failure (the magnetic force remains)
  • No energy consumption during the lift (only needs power during MAG and DEMAG phase)
  • Fewer accidents and increased safety()
  • Faster handling speed
  • Lower personnel costs

This type of lifting electromagnet designed by HVR MAG, combines the features of permanent lifting magnet and electric lifting magnet. They use permanent lifting electromagnet to handle steel bundles. Moreover, the design of the magnet spreader beams is adapted to the lengths of the material and the nature of the beam bundles. The magnetic lifting system enables the magnets to be moved automatically and thus to be positioned correctly to suit different material lengths. This minimizes any load sag and guarantees safe material transport.

If you want to lift and move your steel beams into place with no effort from you or your workers, Contact HVR MAG to get the most suitable magnetic lifting solution – lifting electromagnet for your next construction project or extension.

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