Steel Coil Leveling & Rail Car Manufacturing Lifting Magnet-Steel Plate Loading and Unloading

Steel Coil Leveling & Rail Car Manufacturing Lifting Magnet-Steel Plate Loading and Unloading

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In ferrous metal material handling, electric permanent Lifting Magnet is getting more and more popular. Magnet increases efficiency, cuts down on manual labor, when a workpiece gets lifted or clamped by a magnet, much less person needs to be involved. Let’s get inspired by our customers’ real operations and solution

Lifting Magnet for Sheet Metal Leveling

Sheet Metal Leveling refers to a process of converting rolled steel sheets into a flat state for further production use. As the image presents, for easy storage and transportation, our cooperator level and cut the sheets by themselves in the workshop on a long sheet metal leveling machine. The sheets are cut into pieces of 9 to 16.5 meters in length, 1.25 meters in width, 2.5 millimeters in thickness, Max. weight of 0.4 tons. After leveling and cutting, they need to be moved from the platform to the material preparation area. For safely conserving the sheet quality, a wise way to handle the lifting issue is needed.

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Lifting Magnet for Rail Car Skin Panel Handling

In the process of making a rail Car, the solid car frame needs to be covered by a thin sheet metal structure called skin panel. It is connected to window guards, the frame, and the floor through spot welding. Before this process, as the image shows, the sheets are lifted from the preparation area to the rail car frame by lifting magnets piece by piece.

Why & How is EMPs Lifting Magnet Used?

In production facilities, time is money. The ultimate goal is to have our team generating value with high efficiency — pauses in production waste resources. You can eliminate these unwanted breaks (almost entirely) when you switch to lifting magnets, increasing productivity and upgrading labor safety.

The lifting magnets get close to the sheet, quickly locate and clamp the sheet, lift steadily with a bridge-type double-beam crane from the leveling platform over to the material preparation area. Only one worker operates the lifter via a remote controller, standing far from the loading area, with a long wire connecting to one end of the lifter. It’s much safer for the labors.

The Magnet lifter can adapt to different plate sizes and thicknesses. It’s able to optionally control the lifting in groups to ensure only a single plate is lifted at a time. For the long sheet lifting, it uses all the 32 magnets to work; for short sheets instead, only several central magnets are allowed to work.

The Benefits from a Magnet Lifter :

  1. Improved efficiency, achieved significant increase in production efficiency, with a capacity increase of over 200%.
  2. 95% Energy saving.
  3. Reduced labor costs. According to customer’s feedback, a reduced number of operator from 3-4 to 1 per group.
  4. More stable production and lower rejection. Damages, scratches and deformation can eliminated.
  5. Reduced labor intensity. No need manual alignment and clamping.
  6. Ensure the highest safety. Remote controller is optional and the magnetic suction force keeps on even in case of power off.

The lifting magnet for the steel plate is manufactured by HVR MAG, with the features of high efficiency,safety,energy saving in lifting/loading/unloading steal, pipes etc. If you want to use lifting magnet to save money and speed up a production process, please contact us at, we’ll be happy to assist you!

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