Share An Automated Lifting Tool for Structural Steel

Share An Automated Lifting Tool for Structural Steel

We will share an automated lifting tool for structural steel — angle steel. As the cost of labor continues to rise and the cost of robots continues to fall, the inflection point of machines for humans has arrived. Industrial upgrading has entered the deep water, and intelligent logistics has become the key.
In the intelligent production workshop of a large state-owned enterprise, there is a production line that needs to handle angle steel. They are placed in an inverted V-shape and need to be transported from the current station to the next station one by one. Previously, the terminal was carried by manpower, so what is its final solution in the intelligent production workshop?
For this working condition, the answer given by HVR MAG is truss plus beam plus EPM (electro-permanent magnet) module.

Automated lifting tool for structural steel
Automated lifting tool for structural steel

According to the customer’s working condition, we choose to use the 8*2 layout of the profiled magnetic pole and 4 units of the joint crane to adsorb and transport. The shape of the magnetic pole end is designed according to the shape of the customer’s product. The way of 4 joint cranes is enough to ensure the stability of the products in handling. And the way of chain can make the whole angle steel a better contact surface to ensure the safety of its handling.
This case is only the tip of the iceberg of intelligent handling with a magnet. In the continuous upgrading and iteration of intelligent factories, safety and energy saving are eternal themes. And the biggest advantage of EPM (electro-permanent magnet) is that it does not lose magnetism when power is off, with extremely low electricity consumption meanwhile.
There is another problem with automation: non-standard. There is no identical customer and no identical working conditions, therefore it needs professional customization for each different working condition.
Here, in HVR MAG, we will professionally customize a magnetic solution for each customer. No matter it’s an automated lifting tool for structural steel or an automated magnetic gripper, HVR MAG is happy to share our professionalism and experience. Just let us know your specific needs, and send your inquiry to: [email protected]

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