Pneumatically Controlled VS Electrically Switched Permanent Magnet

Pneumatically Controlled VS Electrically Switched Permanent Magnet

My last blog talked about pneumatically controlled permanent magnet, and there’s another type, electrically switched permanent magnet. Here, let’s make a simple comparison of these two industrial magnets.

What Is Pneumatic Magnet - HVR MAG Blog

Pneumatically Controlled: this type of magnet is turned on and off by air actuator(double-acting pneumatic cylinder).

Electrically Switched Permanent Magnet: switched on(magnetized) and off(demagnetized) by electric power, electro-permanent magnet does not consume power when working, which is much more energy saving than electromagnet.

Electrically switched lifting magnets 16 ton- HVR MAG
Electrically switched permanent magnets – magnetic lifter 16 ton | HVR MAG

Plus, once been magnetized, its magnetic clamping/holding/gripping force can remain so that the load will not fall off to cause any possible injury. Another advantage over electric magnet.

Common Characteristics:

These two types of neodymium magnets, once been magnetized, can be versatile for various applications including: lifting magnets, robot grippers, workholding fixtures, production automation, etc.

Pneumatic Controlled VS Electrically Switched:

Pneumatic magnets can handle perforated material, and are more suitable for handling small steel parts. For loads weighing up to several tons or dozens of tons, electrically switched permanent magnets are the better choice as lifting magnets.

Permanent Electromagnetic Lifter VS Lifting Electromagnet

While electromagnets need continuous and expensive electrical power to maintain magnetism, permanent electromagnetic lifter only uses electricity to turn it on and off. This benefit is two-fold.

A, less electrical power means lower utility costs than that of electric magnets.

B, electrically controlled permanent magnet is safer to operate than an electromagnet. Should power be interrupted, electro permanent magnetic lifter retains its magnetism and continues to hold the load firmly. In comparison, an electromagnet that losses power will immediately release the workpiece, sending it off the machine tool and creating a significant operator safety issue.

Permanent Electromagnet Lifting Magnet for Steel Plate - HVR MAG

In conclusion, to grant better safety operational behavior in emergency conditions with no load loss, electrically switched permanent magnets are better qualified for your heavy lifting job. Contact HVR MAG to customize your heavy lifting magnets.

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