Magnetic Lifters Give Efficient Loading/Unloading of Steel Plates for Cutting Table

Magnetic Lifters Give Efficient Loading/Unloading of Steel Plates for Cutting Table

Our customer from northern China is a mining equipment R&D, and manufacturing company, frequent steel plate(sheet) lifting work happens every day. Let’s figure out how HVR magnetic lifters give efficient loading/unloading of steel plates for cutting table. Our electro permanent magnetic lifter in this case is mainly used for handling steel plates for the gantry CNC cutting table with grids.

What’s the problem and difficulty of magnetic lifters for cutting table?

1. When it comes to lifting material on and off of your cutting table, material size, table size, and lack of people or machinery can make things tricky. Wire rope and steel plate clamps were the tools our customer used to have for steel plate handling. The conventional way of lifting was really tiring and time-wasting. Sometimes, it was even dangerous. Our customer told us it was so lucky for them to not have had one severe accident before. But some small bruises are inevitable.

How HVR solved the problem of low efficiency and high safety risk?

1. We knew that the customer need to handle steel plates whose thickness are above 6 mm. And the upper limit of lifting weight is 25T, according to our customer. HVR has rich experience in customizing lifting magnets for steel plates with similar specifications. The product series are rich, among which our HM5 series are suitable for cutting table.
2. Our technical engineers provided them with our design solution decisively and quickly. Soon the customer confirmed it and placed the order. Less than 1 month later, the new electro permanent magnetic lifter has been in our customer’s steel plate cutting workshop, ready for usage.
3. After utilizing our lifting magnet, the customer is very satisfied. The payoff is an immediate improvement in efficiency, safety, and operating economy. Because, for one thing, the lifting, moving or positioning now takes only a few minutes. The loading and unloading of steel plates for cutting table becomes reliable and economical. For another, the workers in the steel cutting line now feel safer and more relaxed.

HVR cutting table magnets aim to provide the easiest, fastest, and safest way of material handling, whether it is to load/unload steel plates onto a cutting table, or to lift, transfer, and place magnetic workpieces on the welding positioner. Any construction machinery or structural steel plants, that are interested in high-efficient handling of steel plates, billets, bundles, coils, and cutting table, please contact us at:

Although we don’t make equipment, we do pride ourselves in providing with our customers the best quality electro permanent magnetic lifters. For more information about magnetic lifters giving efficient loading/unloading of steel plates for cutting table or other production lines, send us your inquiry at:

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