Why famous companies would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a lifting magnet?

Why famous companies would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a lifting magnet?

Not Permanent Magnet, Nor electromagnet, But Electro Permanent Magnet!

Why big famous companies would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a lifting magnet (electro-permanent)? Because they are rich? Yeah, but far more than that. After all, they are more professional and smart than they appear to be.
Many equipment manufacturers have a question. That is, what kind of lifter should be selected for the carrying, loading and unloading of steel plates or other structural steel for the acceleration of the intelligent plant? Many small and old factories bought cheap traditional magnetic lifters and less safe lifters such as wire rope, hooks, and clamps. Those lifting devices have high safety risks and low efficiency, thus being a loss to the enterprise.
The traditional magnetic lifter includes electromagnetic lifter and hand-triggered permanent magnetic lifter. With the continuous upgrading of technology, people developed and produced a new type of electrically controlled permanent magnetic lifter. Many customers do not know much about these three types of lifts. However, a very common phenomenon is that more and more factories feel that their previous electromagnetic lifter or manual permanent magnetic lifter is too inefficient and unsafe, so they want to replace it with more technologically advanced and efficient lifter. And the electro-permanent magnetic lifter is an optimal choice.
It is a lifting magnet with high safety performance. There is no risk of the workpiece falling off. Because once magnetized successfully, it will not lose its magnetism even when a sudden power-off occurs. It combines the powerful magnetism of a permanent magnet with the convenience of the electromagnet. In a word, electro-permanent magnets are more convenient than permanent magnets and safer and more energy-efficient than electromagnets.
HVR MAG has been focusing on electro-permanent magnets since its establishment. Single plate or multiple sheets, plug-in power supply or battery supply, fixed beam or telescopic beam, water-proof and high temperature-resistant, all lifting magnets can be designed and manufactured according to the customer’s specific requirements.
Steel structure factories, heavy machinery, railroad track, and other large manufacturing enterprises that involve in steel handling, why would they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase one set of lifting magnets? Safety! And efficiency! Moreover, such energy-saving and environmental-friendly lifting  magnet (electro-permanent magnet) is undoubtedly a valuable asset to the factory. You’re interested? Send inquiry to: export@hvrmagnet.com

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