HVR Lifting Magnet for Equipment Manufacturing

HVR Lifting Magnet for Equipment Manufacturing

Today’s application case is HVR lifting magnet used for equipment manufacturing. If you’re looking for something about material handling for steel, hope you’ll find it helpful.

The customer is an energy equipment company in eastern China, which manufactures offshore oil drilling systems, membrane and membrane material equipment, and industrial organic waste gas purification equipment.
Mr. Wang, our contact person, is mainly responsible for safety production. He saw that the company was still using traditional lifters like wire rope and hook to carry the plates and sheets, which he thought was a big safety hazard and inefficient. He learned from the Internet that our electro permanent lifter can solve the trouble very well, so he came to consult. “The procurement were usually by outsourcing”, said Mr. Wang, “because the cost was not a small number, he needed to confirm with his boss. If agreed, the outsourcing would contact us for specific details.”

Customer requirement: We need better 1 magnetic lifter for them all: steel plates, bars and profiles, can it be possible?

Customer needed an electro permanent magnetic lifter compatible with handling plates, bars and profiles. While it was impossible to create one lifting magnet that could meet different steel type needs. Because the adsorption area for each structural steel is not the same. For bars and profiles, the contact surface of the lifter need to be profiled. But, each magnetic lifter for plate, bar, or profile can be compatible with handling different sizes of the same steel type. That were what we can produce.

Customer Confusion: Is the maintenance fee high after usage in equipment manufacturing workshop?

This was what we ensured the customer: if you operate our lifting magnet in accordance with normal working conditions, there’s almost no need of maintenance. Because firstly there are no moving parts inside the electric permanent magnet, which means no easy damage. Secondly, the lifting magnet only consume electricity at the moments of magnetizing and demagnetizing, no power consumption in handling, and the coil is not easy to burn. Thirdly, we ensure that the magnetic decay of ten years does not exceed 5%.

Afterwards, the customer’s outsourcing contacted us for specific details. We offered our design of magnetic lifters for both tubes and plates. Order placed and everything went smoothly. Two lifters were dispatched to customer’s factory in the end.

Industry information:

The customer’s demand for electro permanent magnetic lifter is high for their special equipment manufacturing. One is to improve lifting efficiency, and the other is for safe production. And these are what HVR can provide for our customers. In addition, we also provide product warranty services. These years our lifting magnets for industrial equipment manufacturing  are also on the rise. Even the foreign business volume was not impacted by the epidemic this year, maintaining a good growth rate.
To increase your competition in the industry and maximize production efficiency, HVR EPM (electro permanent magnet) lifters are here for your industrial equipment manufacturing. You are always welcome to contact us: [email protected]

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