How to Choose Lifting Device for Forklift

How to Choose Lifting Device for Forklift

For outdoor steel handling, forklift is a good choice. However, what type of lifting device is most suitable to forklift? In this article, we are going to discuss the features that a lifting device for forklift should own.


Its overall structure needs to be tailored by relying on forklifts to facilitate the rapid delivery of forklifts. The lifting device can be easily attached to your forklift and it is supposed to be compatible with the existing attachment system. It should be compatible with your forklift’s specifications, including load capacity and hydraulic system.

Battery in lifting magnet
Battery in lifting magnet


The lifting device is expected to allow for adjustments to accommodate different load sizes and shapes. It should facilitate storage and satisfy customers with more applications. Its force should be able to be adjusted to lift various types of materials.


It should have features such as load stabilization, overload protection, and safety interlocks to ensure safe operations. It had better not rely on a power cable to avoid demagnetization by power failure.


The best match to forklift for outdoor steel handling is the battery powered electric permanent lifting magnet. Its feature are on-demand magnetization, variable holding force and magnetic field control.

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