Heavy Steel Plate Lifting: Try Lifting Magnet

Heavy Steel Plate Lifting: Try Lifting Magnet

How to lift heavy steel plates?

The lifting of heavy steel plates has been a major difficulty. Traditional lifting devices for lifting steel plates, come with low efficiency and are inattentive to a safety accident. With the continuous improvement of safety awareness in production, more safety managers have been seeking new steel lifting equipment to solve the above problems. How to lift heavy steel plates? You can try lifting a magnet (electro permanent magnet).

Three Reasons why lifting magnet for heavy steel plates:

1. High efficiency, saving time and energy.

The use of a traditional lifting clamp and hook requires more than one person to operate at the same time. It is time-consuming and laborious. While the use of a lifting magnet is very simple: one person can operate it with remote control. It can be operated with one button to lift heavier steel plates easily.

2. High safety and reliability, solving the hidden danger of heavy steel plate falling

As people become more safety conscious, companies are making efforts to eliminate safety accidents by upgrading their lifting equipment. Using an electro permanent lifting magnet can avoid the problem of falling steel plates caused by power failure. It does not lose magnetism in case of a blackout. That is to say, as long as it is not given the demagnetization order (which needs 0.2~1 second only), it can permanently maintain the magnetic force. Many large enterprises now ask for electro permanent magnetic lifters to handle ferrous workpieces, one main reason is that they highly approve of its security.

3.No damage to the surface of the heavy steel plate, does not affect the next process

Heavy steel plate usually has several tons or tens of tons of weight. The use of a lifting hook or clamp is easy to cause surface scratches. For some fine processing requirements, the scratches may affect the accuracy of the process, more likely to lead to defective products. But you won’t have to worry about this problem while using a lifting magnet. The multi-point layout design, spring design, or rubber pad design, has been proven to help avoid surface scratches and ensure the accuracy of the process.

If you insist that a lifting clamp or hook still works. Yes, everyone has his choice. But if you ask me what lifting equipment is best for heavy steel plates, then the electro permanent lifting magnet is your optimal choice. HVR MAG has spent 12 years focusing on electro-permanent magnets, being China’s leading manufacturer of lifting magnets. We are happy to provide heavy steel plate lifting magnets and lifting solutions for ferrous materials in structural steel fabrication, construction machinery, shipbuilding, port and warehouse, metallurgy, metalworking, etc. You are welcome to email us at: [email protected]

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