Magnetic lifter: How can steel mills save energy?

Magnetic lifter: How can steel mills save energy?

The steel industry is energy-intensive, consuming around 10-15% of the country’s total electricity consumption. The development of the steel industry has significantly impacted the region’s energy supply, especially the electricity supply. In recent years, with the rising cost of electricity, the cost of electricity has become an essential part of the cost of steel production. Many steel enterprises have enormous potential to save electricity for various reasons such as equipment, management, processes, and technology. Electricity saving in iron and steel enterprises has excellent social and economic benefits. Most of the equipment in steel enterprises leads to low electrical energy utilization and high energy consumption.How can steel mills carry out energy-saving? HVR electro-permanent magnet helps steel mills.

Electro-permanent magnetic lifters are widely used for handling steel plates, strip coils, sections, and other magnetic conductive objects. They are suitable for metallurgy, steel, shipbuilding, railway, port, transportation, and other industries. There are some advantages of electro-permanent magnets in the steel factory.

Energy-saving and high efficiency

The electro-permanent magnet only requires a short current pulse (a few seconds) to change state when the workpiece is lifted and lowered, and no current is required to maintain it during the lifting process of the workpiece. Its electrical energy consumption is therefore negligible, almost zero. And they also can grip the materials instantly. They are suitable for the fast-paced loading and unloading steel in steel mills.


The electro-permanent magnet lifter has a high safety factor. The permanent magnets provide A long-lasting magnetic force. It was always guaranteeing the safety of the logistics and ensuring that the material is only demagnetized and released when it lands. We are providing the highest level of protection for the operator.

Telescopic beam design

The great advantage of the telescopic beam is that it can lift longer steel plates by using the length of the stretched section. It makes it suitable for applications where the size of the container varies considerably while not taking up too much space when not in use by the customer.

Here are some pictures of HVR electro-permanent magnets in steelworks:

steel platers

steel plates

lifting magnet for profiles


electro-permanent magnet for steel rods

steel rods

we aim to provide our customers with the most competitive and energy-saving lifting magnets. if you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us!




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