Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets for Gantry Crane

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets for Gantry Crane

In intelligent production, we are familiar with the use of electro permanent lifting magnets for various handling tasks by robotic arms. However, it is also possible to achieve intelligent unmanned handling in the process of steel plate transportation. Nowadays, many newly built or expanded factories adopt intelligent production, and unmanned storage is particularly common.

Intelligent electro permanent lifting magnets are generally used in conjunction with gantry crane handling. HVR MAG offers a signal docking system that matches with intelligent cranes. During the operation of the intelligent crane, the lifting magnet can be controlled throughout the process by sending magnetization and demagnetization instructions from the gantry crane. This completes a series of handling tasks. Of course, this process is more complicated than the connection between conventional cranes and lifting magnets. Various signal dockings need to be carried out, and relevant procedures must be properly set. The entire system needs to automatically recognize different sizes and thicknesses of steel plates and send different instructions to the lifting magnet controller. This is because most of the handled steel plates vary in length and thickness. If different values are not used to control the suction force and grouping, the magnet may unintentionally attract other steel plates.

The electro permanent magnetic lifting devices designed by HVR MAG are perfectly matched with gantry crane in terms of technology. They can handle steel plates of different sizes, different handling conditions, and different connection signals perfectly. HVR MAG is dedicated to the development of electro permanent magnetic technology and is at an absolute leading level in the entire industry. We look forward to your consultation regarding different handling conditions and are ready to solve various handling difficulties for you.

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