Custom Lifting Magnet for Stacked Thin Steel Plates

Custom Lifting Magnet for Stacked Thin Steel Plates

How to carry thin steel plates stacked together one by one without clingy? The custom lifting magnet by HVR MAG can be applicable for steel plates with different thicknesses.
Generally, our lifting magnets for single steel sheets handling are for stacked steel plates with thickness less than 6mm. We suggest such a lifting magnet – its magnetic field strength/ magnetic permeability depth is adjustable according to the thickness of the plate. This unique character allows the operator to set the “pre-magnetization” intensity to lift a single sheet of plate from the stack. And then the operator can manually or automatically perform a “full magnetization” level on the magnet to improve safety.

magnetic lifting solution for thin metal sheet
Magnetic lifter for thin metal sheet

Such a special lifting magnet has the following advantages.

1. There is anti-demagnetization induction during the handling process in the air to prevent the steel plate from falling due to the operator’s error.
2. In terms of power supply, it does not need a backup battery system as the electromagnet lifter does. It is equipped with standard AC power supply, with battery supply or direct electric wire connection for your choices.
3. The steel plate does not consume electricity during the handling process due to the electro-permanent magnet technology.
4. The lifting magnet by HVR MAG provides 3:1 safety factor in safe handling.
5. The control system will monitor the working state of the lifting magnet in real time. Remote control or remote PLC control system can be configured for remote operation.
6. Custom lifting beam configurations are suitable for specific applications. For example, it can be equipped with forklifts, and cranes.  7. The lifting magnet for stacked thin steel plates is simple to install and maintain. When you don’t use it, just store it in appropriate places as the manual book tells. And it doesn’t take much space.

The special custom lifting magnet for thin plates are now applicable to various scenarios, such as loading and unloading, cutting lines, and warehouses.

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