Case Study on Handling Steel Pipes with Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet

We are HVR MAG. Recently we designed and installed an Electro permanent lifting magnet for steel pipes handling in an enterprise who is the world’s largest R&D manufacturer in ductile iron pipes, steel & iron handling industry in China. It has an annual output of 700,000 tons of high standard ductile iron pipes produced and exported, which are the ideal material of pipelines for water transportation.

Application Background of the Lifting Magnet  

Ductile iron pipes lifting during the workshop processing are needed everyday in large quantities. Ranging from model DN1100 to DN 2600, the DI Pines weigh up to 13.7 tons/piece, the diameters vary from 1.1 – 2.6 meters, more than 6 meters in length, 15 mm in thickness. The huge pipes need to be lifted up to 6 meters high for process transformation in the production line and get stacked together when finished.

The Challenge of the Lifting Magnet to Face

The original tool used for the lifting has been traditional hooks under the electric powered double beam crane, in which process the pipes are directly caught by the hooks, deformation and scratches having been frequently happening to be a quality control headache. During operating the crane for the lifting, at least two workers are needed to fix the hooks on the ends of the case iron pipes, potential danger exists in case of the fall of the heavy pipes. And in the long term heavy duty operation, it generates a bill of huge power consumption every year, which runs counter to the policy of energy conservation and ECO friendliness.lifting magnet for steel pipes

The Solution in the Design & Use of Lifting Magnet

The manager turned to us for solution. Customization design and services were tailored to their detailed requests. In general design, a straight line arranged lifting magnets can steadily and efficiently suck such kind of heavy duty pipes with large diameters and great variations in the ranges of pipe diameter data. However, limited in the space that can be occupied by the running of magnetic lifter, the manager hoped to make a shorter one. Aiming to help generate more powerful sucking force strength, meanwhile shorten the lifter, finally our professional technical Engineers designed it by adopting radial multi-clothed magnets to realize more interface areas.

The lifting magnet for the ductile iron pipes was designed with a rated lifting capacity of 15 tons (with a safety factor ≥3.5 times at a 0.4 mm air gap), utilizing a total of 9 units with each magnet having a rated lifting force of 1700 kg. The magnets were arranged in 3 rows of 3 columns for uniform distribution. The electro permanent magnetic modules equipped are each elastically suspended, for a perfect adaptation to the pipe surface in different directions. Additionally, this magnetic beam was designed to be integrated with a rotating mechanism, based on the needs of automatic angle adjustment. In this way, the beam can be rotated 360°, refining the calibration process for positioning and placing the pipes.

The lifting magnet also features extreme safety, including ground detection, magnetization intensity detection, status indicator lights and audible alarms, short circuit protection, and magnet grouping control to easily handle lifting of different sizes of ferrous work pieces. The remote control enables a worker to operate it in a safe distance without extra colleagues to fix the connection with the casting pipe, therefore ensures both most safety and labor saving. Most importantly, very little power supply are needed only for the activation and deactivation during the whole lifting, which is energy saving and ECO friendly. And since the lifter only connecting to the pipes’ surface, as a result deformation and scratches are avoided on the products during this process, the steel & Iron products outlook dramatically upgraded.


With the impressive capabilities, safety features, energy saving and efficiency gains, the use of electric permanent lifting magnet is the most practical choice for handling raw materials or loading and unloading finished products for enterprises prioritizing safety and efficiency. Meanwhile, at every stage of the process, collaboration between HVR team and the customer is essential. Customer concern has always been our highly valued principle.

If you’re interested in boosting productivity, enhancing safety, and streamlining your steel handling operations, consider integrating HVR MAG electro permanent lifting magnets into your workflow. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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