12T Lifting Magnet for Handling Steel Plates Outside

12T Lifting Magnet for Handling Steel Plates Outside

Electro permanent lifting magnet is designed to simplify the lifting process of a wide range of materials, including large steel plates, sheet metal, H-beams, steel pipes, and various workpieces. These magnets offer a versatile and efficient solution for industries seeking to streamline their material handling operations.

Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet Case Study: 12T Steel Plate Handling

In a recent case study, a customer required the lifting of a maximum 12-ton steel plate in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Our company rose to the challenge by customizing our lifting solution to suit their needs.

Can Electro Permanent Lifting Magnet Work Outside?

For outdoor usage, our electro permanent lifting magnets are equipped with controllers that are weatherproof, ensuring reliable performance even in rainy conditions. This weather-resistant feature provides peace of mind to operators working in outdoor environments, knowing that the equipment is protected from water damage.

Group Control and Precise Positioningsteel plate handling lifting magnet for outside use

To optimize the lifting process and enhance operational efficiency, this electro permanent lifting magnet is designed with group control and adjustable magnetic force. By categorizing steel plates based on size and adjusting the magnetic force accordingly, it ensure precise and safe handling of each plate. This ensures that only one steel plate is lifted at a time, minimizing the risk of accidents and increasing operational efficiency.

Moreover, the ease of positioning the lifting magnet eliminates the need for manual adjustments, saving valuable time and reducing labor costs associated with material handling.

User-Friendly Lifting Magnet

The user-friendly design of our electro permanent lifting magnets has garnered high praise from operators and customers alike. Compared to lifting clamps, operators don’t need to stand on the steel plate to attach steel plate anymore. With the help of remote control, our lifting magnet has not only increased operational efficiency but also saved time and labor costs associated with steel plate handling.


Electro permanent lifting magnet represents a cutting-edge solution for heavy lifting applications, offering unmatched precision, safety, and efficiency. As a dedicated supplier of these lifting solutions, we are committed to empowering our customers with reliable and high-performance equipment that meets their unique lifting challenges with ease. Experience the future of heavy lifting with HVR MAG. Contact us at export@hvrmagnet.com

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