The adaptation of the magnetic gripper to the shearing machine

The adaptation of the magnetic gripper to the shearing machine

What is the priority of shearing machine manufacturers when choosing plate handling equipment? The essay will explain the suitability between a magnetic gripper and a shearing machine.

What is the shearing machine?

5000KG plate shearing machine

Shearing machines cut alloys and other sheet metal into sheets or stripes. Products are widely used in aviation, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, ships, automotive, and other industries to provide the required special machinery and complete sets of equipment.

The types of shearing machines:

  1. Mechanical shearing machine
  2. Straight knife shearing machine

Straight-knife shearing is the most economical method of cutting straight-sided blanks from a flat sheet, strip, and plate with a thickness of no more than 50mm.

  1. Pneumatic shearing machine

Pneumatic shears are used exclusively for shearing thin metal.

  1. Rotary shearing machine
  2. Alligator shearing machine

This machine is most widely used for shearing bars and bar sections and preparing scrap.

  1. Hydraulic shearing machine

Hydraulic shearing machines are designed for fixed load capacity.

There are several difficulties in the cutting process that we have to face.

the requirements of the shearing machine

magnetic gripper for plates cutting

How do magnetic grippers meet the demands of the shearing machine? When combined with an industrial robot, our magnetic grippers can ease the metal shearing process, such as pick&place, palletizing, and machine tending.

  1. Accurate positioning

A shearing machine equipped with magnetic grippers can reduce the error to 0.5mm and increase the qualification rate to 98%, significantly improving cutting accuracy. The higher utilization of the steel plates is a good way for manufacturers to reduce raw material losses.

  1. Lifting a single steel plate each time

As we all know, the cutting machine is not in favor of multiple sheet plates. However, traditional clamping systems are not the most economical way to handle metal shearing. HVR plate lifting magnets are specialized in single plate handling.

  1. Lower costs

Electricity is only required for activation and deactivation. During the lifting, they don’t ask for extra electricity. Each ton of steel plate process only costs three dollars for electricity. An automated clamping system allows us to have a low labor cost. A magnetic clamping system is suitable for manufacturers to handle various sizes and shaped material. Magnetic gripper is customized for your special needs.

Working directly with HVR and contact us now. From concept to completion, we will give you the most suitable solutions.



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